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On behalf of the Federal Service for military and technical cooperation I heartedly welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the International Defense Exhibition for Land Forces "IDELF-2004" and VIII International Exhibition of Police and Military Engineering INTERPOLITEX-2004".
Advertising and exhibition business in the sphere of military products is one of the principal directions of military and technical cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign states. Participation in the named exhibitions allows both to learn more about tactical and technical characteristics of the displayed exhibits and to form own opinion on the basis of their comparison and also to develop mutually profitable contacts of producers and consumers of armament and military technology, to improve the forms and methods of military and technical cooperation of Russia with foreign states.
First defense exhibition for land forces "IDELF", organized in the Moscow Region jointly with the "NTERPOLITEX" Exhibition that has shown itself as the forum of provision of state and personal security should become efficient instrument in the improvement of marketing activity in the sphere of military and technical cooperation including particular programs of promotion of domestic systems, complexes and samples of domestic military products in foreign states. -potential importers of Russian armament and military technology. We hope it will become apparent event for the specialists making their business in the world market of armament.
As a whole these exhibitions are meaningful events of this year in the international relations of partners of Russia in the way of provision of security and stability provision in the European and world communication

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