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ALMAZ Shipbuilding Company

Military and civil shipbuilding

ALMAZ Shipbuilding Company
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Full Company's name: ALMAZ Shipbuilding Company
Brief name: ALMAZ Shipbuilding Company
Country: Russian Federation
Chief executive: Leonid Grabovets,
Contact information: (812) 235-48-20, 350-11-64, [email protected]
Main office address: 197110, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, 26, Petrovsky pr.

Main lines of business

At present production activity of the company covers great range of fulfilled works. Except shipbuilding division the company fulfills orders for constructing highly precise metal constructions of various intention, every-day consumption goods and a unique order on construction of railway carriages of a trial train for a high speed railway was also carried out by the company.

The company is capable to fulfill constructions of steel of all types, of different aluminum alloys and other construction material. The construction of all-welded hulls of aluminum-magnesium alloys allowed to improve the ships operational data at the expense of decreasing their weight and improving corrosion resistance in the sea water. Great experience in working with the aluminum alloys in their wide range allows to produce products of high quality. Products construction and assembling is carried out by highly qualified specialists.

Since 2000 Almaz Shipbuilding Company is part of United Heavy Machinery Plants open joint-stock company.

United Heavy Machinery (Uralmash-Izhora Group, OMZ) is the largest heavy engineering corporation in Russia.

OMZ organizes its business along six major lines: oil and gas rig equipment, equipment for nuclear power plants, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, shipbuilding, and specialty steels.

List of main products

- Landing ship ZUBR
- Landing boat MURENA
- Hovercraft IRBIS
- Amphibious boat RYS

- Patrol boat SVETLYAK
- Missile boat (10411 project)
- Patrol boat SOBOL

- Environmental boat ECOPATROL
- Pilot boat (AR-1600 project)
- Fire-fighting boat (FF-330 project)
- Service boat (ALMAZ-11900 project)

- President’s motor yacht KAVKAZ
- Motor yacht LAIMARITA
- High-speed boat A-18 type
- Motor boat A-66 type
- Cruising sailing motor yacht BRIZ

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