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Brief history

Almaz shipyard is a modern enterprise of many years standing traditions in manufacturing the latest models of military technology. Close cooperation with leading design bureau allowed the shipyard to realize the newest scientific developments. The enterprise accumulated valuable expirience in building ships and vessels of different types and purpose.

Since foundation naval architects of Almaz company have build and customers have accepted more than 1000 boats and ships.
For many years Almaz has been specializing in manufacturing of type models of modern maritime equipment working trought the latest advances in the sphere of naval shipbuilding and transferring orders to serial production.

The first in the world missile boats and small missile ships were built at Almaz Shipbuilding Company. The shipyard became the first manufacturer of the unique missile ship equipped with automatic hydrofoil control system.
Almaz designed and built the first motor yachts for the Soviet Government.

Shipbuilders of Almaz achieved great progress in civil shipbuilding, coped with series of environmental catamarans of ”Ecopatrol” type. Successful development of civil shipbuilding is serial production of work vessels: pilot boats, multipurpose air cushion crafts and service crew boats.

Ships built by the shipyard are in service in the Navy and Federal Frontier Guard Service of Russia and in the Navies of more than twenty foreign states.

In 1992 Almaz Shipbuilding association was reorganized into Almaz Shipbuilding Company open joint-stock company. Now Almaz is included into United Heavy Machinery Plants open joint-stock company.

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