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Almaz Shipyard is a modern enterprise of many years standing traditions in manufacturing the latest models of military technology.

The main aim of Almaz Shipbuilding company is to manufacture high quality products which combine modern technical decisions and to meet requirements and desires of customers as well as to observe delivery date.

Almaz Shipbuilding Company is situated in the central part of Saint-Petersburg on Petrovsky island in the immediate vicinity of Finish gulf. It occupies the territory of about 165 000 sq.m including 50 000 sq.m occupied with workshops fitted with modern equipment. Personnel include more than 1000 people.

Modern covered shipways allow the company to carry out the complete shipbuilding cycle. All hull-construction works, mounting of equipment and armament are conducted under workshop conditions. Technical base of the enterprise enables to conduct all sorts of ship repair and modernisation simultaneously with shipbuilding.

Ship are launched and hosted with the help of two floating docks of 3000 and 2500 tons payload capacity. Docks are used to hoist and roll ships to horizontal building berths which have more than ten building places.

The shipyard is equipped well with machinery manufacture enabling production of all ship components icluding propeller shafts and other mechanical articles.

Shipbuilding specialization of the company does not exclude accomplishment of complex machine-building orders: components of nuclear electric power stations, drill rig blocks and high-precision metal structures.

Withim the scope of two international programs ”Marine Launches” and ”Alfa” Almaz Shipbuilding Company has manufactured series of special devices for transporting satellites and parts of rockets to launch points.

Almaz participated in Petersburg - Moscow - Petersburg high-speed trunk-railway project. The shipyard manufactured prototype car hulls for the first high-speed train in Russia - ”Sokol-250”.

In 1996 the conformance certificate was issued by Veritas Bureau classification society to approve that the control system of design, building and after sale service meets the requirements of ISO 9001 international standard.

Long traditions and modern facilities provide a good position of ALMAZ shipbuilders as reliable suppliers and long-term partners on local and international markets.

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