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Environmental boat ECOPATROL
The boat 16220 type are designed to monitor the environment with the help of scientific and research equipment, which allows it to determine more than 60 parameters of air, water and bottom pollution.

The operating area with specified fuel supply at maximum speed (without stopping) is 200 km. Full fuel supply with further condition increase the distance up to 600 km.


Operating area - rivers and water systems, divided to ”O” class by the River Register of Russian Federation and coming into sea regions with guaranteed depth 1.0 m.

The vessel is capable to operate at sea regions in Sea State 3.


The vessel is one-deck catamaran with two screw propellers and stern-located engine. The wheelhouse placed forward and one stage superstructure.

In 1995 the Russian Government avarded Science and Technology Prize to Almaz for creation of the unique vessel carrying the environmental complex ”Aquatoria”.

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