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Mönch Publishing Group


Mönch Publishing Group
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Company name: Mönch Publishing Group
Brief name company: Mönch Publishing Group
Country: Germany
Head of the company: Manfred Sadlowski
Contact information: +49-228-6483-0, +49-228-6483-109, [email protected]; [email protected], www.monch.com
Address of the main office: Germany, D-5312 Bonn, Heilsbachstrasse 26
Post address of the main office: D-5312, Germany, Bonn, Heilsbachstrasse 26

Basic directions of activity

The Mönch Publishing Group is one of the world’s largest publishers in the field of defence periodicals. In addition, Mönch offers a wide range of military reference works and books. Mönch publications are distributed internationally and reach decision-makers in the defence administration and military procurement agencies. Furthermore, political and industrial leaders and experts throughout the world also rely on the vital information provided by Mönch defence publications.

List of names of basic let out production

The Mönch Group publishes and distributes internationally the following defence periodicals:

MILITARY TECHNOLOGY (in English) is considered to be the leading periodical for military technology at the international level. This journal presents up-to-date information on the international defence market and describes the latest defence technologies and products. MILITARY TECHNOLOGY is required reading for all those decision-makers working in the field of defence.
Readership: officials in government, industry, the military and defence procurement agencies.
Circulation: 24,440 copies, which are distributed in over 130 countries. Published monthly.

NAVAL FORCES (in English) is the only true international journal covering matters concerning naval technology and strategy.
Readership: naval procurement agencies, Naval Forces, industry and government officials throughout the world.
Circulation: 16,021 copies, distributed in over 100 countries. Published bimonthly, plus special issues.

NATO’S NATIONS & PARTNERS FOR PEACE (in English) is the semi-official journal of NATO and addresses political, strategic, economic and technical issues of international importance to the defence community, in addition to serving as a forum for discussion among top management and government officials worldwide.
Readership: officials in government, industry, the military and defence procurement agencies throughout the world.
Circulation: 21,985 copies, with four issues per year, and distributed in over 50 countries.

In terms of regional publications Mö;nch offers defence-specific titles such as:
TECNOLOGIA MILITAR (in Spanish) is the only international defence periodical published in Spanish and provides information about military and technical developments in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Readership: decision-makers and officials working in the defence industry, the Armed Forces, procurement agencies and military administration, in addition to government officials and technicians.Circulation: 15,313 copies, with four issues per year, which are distributed in over 30 Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries.AL DEFAIYA (ARABIAN DEFENCE & AEROSPACE BUSINESS) (in Arabic) is the largest in terms of circulation defence periodical covering the entire Pan-Arabic-World. ADAB is characterized by a fully independent editorial approach which reflects the interests of the region. The article mix of each issue focuses on technology issues worldwide to the same extent that it provides information of ”local flavour”.Readership: decision-makers of the Royal families, the Defence and Procurement Administration, the military and parliamentary forces as well as the finance and defence industries of the entire Arabic World.Circulation: 23,763, published bimonthly.
WEHRTECHNIK (in German) is the leading defence periodical in German-speaking nations and is distributed internationally. WEHRTECHNIK is required reading for all those decision-makers working in government departments, industry, the military and defence procurement agencies.Readership: military and government officials, defence technicians, German Armed Forces - all services, defence procurement agencies, military scientistsCirculation: 20,750 copies, with four issues per year. RIVISTA ITALIANA DIFESA (in Italian) is the only defence journal in Italy with A.D.S. (monitored circulation). In addition to regional defence information, this publication presents detailed reports on the latest defence technologies at the international level.Readership: Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces, military administrators, government and industry officials, technicians, aerospace experts and international organizations.Circulation: 30,000, published monthly.
SAVUNMA VE HAVACILIK (in Turkish) is the only defence journal appearing in Turkish and addresses matters concerning defence policy, strategy, military technology and aerospace. The information contained in this journal is vital to decision-makers and industrial representatives interested in current developments within the Turkish Armed Forces.
Readership: Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces, government and industry officials, technicians and international organisations.
Circulation: 18,780 copies, published bimonthly.

List of names other let out production

Mönch Publishing Group also publishes the WORLD DEFENCE ALMANAC, in addition to special issues within each individual magazine specific to a particular defence force, company, equipments and defence and air shows around the world.
Mönch Publishing Group is a leading name in organizing conferences on various subjects concerning defence. Its conference division, the INTERNATIONAL SEMINARS & SYMPOSIA CENTRE (ISSC) hosts several interactive discussions every year.
Mönch Publishing Group includes BERNARD & GRAEFE, one of Germany’s leading book publishers, with over 300 current titles, including the ”WEYERS FLOTTEN TASCHENBUCH (Fleet Handbook): Warships of the World”, regularly published since 1898, along with similar reference books for tanks (”Tanks of the World”) and warplanes.

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