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Military Technology

Journals of military and defence technologies

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Military Technology

The world’s leading international monthly magayine specialising in matters concerning defence on land, at sea, and in the air.

Founded in 1977, the concept of this tri-service magazine is characterised by a mix of articles on political issues, defence technology, international defence programmes, industrial and economic aspects, interviews with senior executives from both the forces and defence industries; also reports and previews of events of relevance to the international defence community, and news for and from the forces, political and procurement authorities and the defence industry.

An important aspect that separates MILITARY TECHNOLOGY from any other defence journal is that its editorial concept aims at publishing dedicated issues and articles in cooperation with (as opposed to about) the Armed Forces and the Procurement Authorities of the world.

Announcement of number 11/2005
Dedicated research efforts by independent audit organisations have confirmed MILITARY TECHNOLOGY as the world’s most successful defence periodical
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Manfred Sadlowski
Joachim Knoche
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Stephen Barnard
Jan Wiedemann
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