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NATO’s Nations and Partners For Peace

Journal of NATO

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NATO’s Nations and Partners For Peace

Offers unrivalled access for industry, R & D, training and educational organisations, and the military, to the decision-making bodies which control and direct activities ranging from day-to-day administration, through Urgent Operational Requirement, procurement and 25-year capital equipment acquisition programmes.

NATO’S NATIONS & PARTNERS FOR PEACE is the current incarnation of a journal founded in 1955, which has established an unrivalled position as the premier ’semi-official’ VIP journal emphasising the defence aspects of NATO.

Along with offering a platform for worldwide communication at the top level, NATO’S NATIONS & PARTNERS FOR PEACE presents a forum for in-depth discussion of topics which will shape history’s definition of our time. It's appeal lies not only in Cabinet offices, boardrooms, embassies and Banks: Ministries of Finance and Defence, Regimental headquarters, Divisional staffs and R & D establishments around the world turn to this journal for comment from the leaders for the leaders.

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