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Technologia Militar

Journals of military and defence technologies

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Technologia Militar

The only international defence periodical published in Spanish and provides information about military and technical developments in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

The world’s leading international defence journal in Spanish.

The requirements of the armed forces of the almost 30 Spanish and Portuguese - speaking countries of the world are growing in importance, both strategically and economically. The defence industries of the Spanish and Portuguese - speaking countries have been strongly developed and are achieving greater and greater independence from the industrialized nations. The requirements of the armed forces have grown in quality.

It is published quarterly in Spanish and reaches the Ministries of Defence, Headquarters, Procurement agencies and the industry of all Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries. Its highlight is the DEFENCE DIGEST, facts and figures on all armed forces of Latin America, Spain and Portugal.
Wehrtechnik is published quarterly in German. It is distributed among the Army, Navy and Air Force Offices, Universities of the German Armed Forces and the Military Administration and Technology College; national offices assigned to NATO. The Ministries of Defence in the main defence ministries of Germany, Switzerland and Austria and all subordinate departments.

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