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Al Defaya

Journals of military and defence technologies

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Al  Defaya

The article mix of each issue focuses on technology issues worldwide to the same extent that it provides information of ”local flavour”.

Al Defaya is from a joint venture between the leading Pan-Arabic business publication, ”AL - IKTISSAD WAL - AAMAL” and the Mö;nch Publishing Group, the world’s largest organisation in the field of defence periodicals.
With a circulation of 22,350 copies AL DEFAIYA provides - on a bimonthly basis - decision makers in government institutions, armed forces, industries and science with in-depth information on defence and aerospace technology, programmes and business details. AL DEFAIYA utilizes an international network of 13 permanent offices in Europe, five permanent offices in the United States, six permanent offices in Asia and one permanent office each in Latin America and Australia.
The number of editorial contributors to the magazine exceeds 100 qualified sources. AL DEFAIYA relies on the expertise of authors, writers and correspondents across the five continents.

The editorial concept of this new specialist magazine for the Arab World is unique:
a) it combines information on defence technology and programmes with business-related issues such as financial, engineering, offset and compensation requirements, counter-trade arrangements, etc.
b) it does not represent a single government or individual’s point of view but addresses the issues completely independent from regional or national tendencies thus achieving an extremely high acceptance level throughout the Arab World.
In your search for a more efficient and effective print medium covering the sophisticated area of defence and aerospace business in Arabia rely on AL DEFAIYA.

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