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Our History

January of 1991

• JSC Progresstech Ltd. was founded in January of 1991
• First projects:
– Levtsovo Airport reconstruction
– Grounding of new-generation aircraft landing gear characteristics for Sukhoy Design Bureau
• Reconstruction projects for Zernograd and Morozovsk Airports
• Beginning of long-term effective cooperation with the Boeing company
• Full-scale pavement response tests under B777 multi-wheel landing gear loads
• Airfield and roadway pavements repair for Vnukovo Airport, Baikonur airodrome and Moscow fuel stations
• Progresstech in cooperation with Crosna Safe company equipped Moscow subway and Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer with totally 160 explosion protective chambers
• Progresstech is an official scientific consultant of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (on contract basis) for pavement response evaluations under aircraft landing gear loads
• Ostafyevo Airport “turn-key” reconstruction project for Gazpromavia company
• Pavement roughness evaluation in compliance with ICAO under contract with the Boeing corporation
• Progresstech Airport Test Laboratory is certified by the State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia /SCAAR/, the State Standard System of Russia
• Assessment of airports infrastructure compliance with requirements imposed on Cross Polar enroute alternates
• First publication of magazine Airports. Progressive technologies
• Opening of the Progresstech Design Center for projects of the Boeing company
• Progresstech-Test Laboratory receives a certificate issued by the State Standard System of Russia
Progresstech is accredited by Ministry of Science
• Progresstech is an Official Exclusive Authorized Distributor of the Eagle Point Software Corporation (USA) products in Russia
• Commissioning of Ostafyevo Airport
• Progresstech company develops and supplies Progresstech-AG sealant for airports
• Pavement repair on roadway sections of Moscow–Volgograd highway
•Projects on runway repair at the Mirny(Sakha-Yakutia),Domodedovo(Moscow),Noyabrsk(Siberia)airports are performed
•Following projects are performed:
-rescue station,main taxiway reconstruction and aircrafts deicing pads at the Ostafevo airport (Moscow region);
-customs terminal at the Ermolino airport (Kaluga region);
-taxiways-2, taxiway-3, stands and ramp reconstruction at the Tunoshna airport (Yaroslavl)
•The staff of our developing Design Center increased over than 100 persons
•The Progresstech managers were named Continental Airlines official designees in Russia and the CIS
•The Progresstech staff celebrated the tenth anniversary of the company
•The Progresstech specialists developted the ODA-Progresstech software package to inventory and analyze the distresses in pavements.For the first time the software was applied at the Sheremetevo airport
•Fulfilled was the joint project on implementation of cross-polar flights following the ETOPS procedures. Participants of the project were the SCAAR, U.S. FAA, the Boeing Company,the most successful airlines and Progresstech, Ltd.
•The Progresstech managers participated in following flights on cross-polar routs:
-the trial flight carried out by Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 from Seattle to Kuala Lumpur across the North Pole;
-the first commercial regular flight carried out by Continental Airlines Boeing-777 from Newark to Hong Gong
• Progresstech specialists attended the international conferences and symposiums in Russia and abroad presenting reports on topical problems, so presented at the Second International Symposium on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements and Technological Control in Auburn, AL, USA (August 2001) was the report of Dr. Nikolay Vasiliev and Ph.D. Oleg Kanunnikov, Progresstech specialists on the subject «Procedure of Experimental Determination of Expansion Joints Construction Locations»
•The Progresstech participated in the Second International Symposium on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements and Technological Control in Auburn. AL, USA
• The first stage of Bolshoe Savino airport reconstruction was completed. In two months Progresstech workers placed 145,000 sq. m of reinforced concrete pavements of runway and taxiway-2, cut and sealed 42,000 rm of construction joints.
• Progresstech and Manas International Airport founded Kyrgyz-Progresstech joint venture that performed works on apron extension at Manas International Airport (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic)
• Rehabilitation of airfield pavements at the Domodedovo, Noyabrsk and Mirny airports
• Progresstech experts completed the development of projects for Domodedovo International Airport, Manas International Airport (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic), Saratov region government, Travers- AVIA company, Alpha Bank, Special enterprise of Moscow government, etc.
• By the Moscow Region Transportation Ministry request the Progresstech experts conducted the research study on the subject «Present state and prospects of integrated development of the Moscow Aviation System (MAS) airports»
• The Progresstech specialists received training at the U.S. ACC NEPA Back to Basics Training Course (Kansas City, MO, USA)
• Estimates were performed on possibility of perspective Sukhoy aircraft basing on state-aviation airdromes
• Certification of over 20 airports and civil aviation facilities in different categories of airport activities
• Delivery of Progresstech-AG airdrome sealant to the airports of Russia and CIS countries
• The book «Airdrome pavements. Modern view» came out. The authors of the book, Progresstech experts namely prof. Vladimir Kulchitsky, prof. Viktor Makagonov, Nikolay Vasiliev, Andrey Chekov and Nikolay Romankov were awarded the diploma of Russian Academy of Construction and Architecture’s contest of the best scientific and creative works in the area of architecture, town-planning and construction sciences2002.
• The Agreement of Cooperation between the Airports. Progressive Technologies magazine (editor - Progresstech, Ltd.) and IJP – International Journal of Pavements (editor – Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology, the University of Mississippi, USA) was signed in May. The areas of cooperation include technical and business programs on exchange of scientific and technical materials for publication, joint sponsorships of research publication and promotions and so on
• Progresstech specialists attended the international conferences and symposiums in Russia and abroad presenting reports on topical problems, so presented at the Third International Conference on Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements in Thessaloniki, Greece (November 2002) was the report of Oleg Kanunnikov and Vera Bashkatova, Progresstech specialists on the subject “Modern Hot-Applied Bitumen Sealant for Airfield Pavements Joints” prepared by
• Progresstech started preparatory works on RW-1 reconstruction at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport under state project that company awarded due to Russian Federation Ministry of Transportation’s tender. • Progresstech completed the first stage of Naryan Mar airport reconstruction under state contract that company awarded due to Russian Federation Ministry of Transportation’s tender.
• JV Kyrgyz-Progresstech completed the construction of new apron for 5 heavy aircraft An-124 and Boeing 747-400 at Manas International Airport. The representatives of parliament and government of Kyrgyz Republic, State Duma and government of Russia aw well as managers of Manas International Airport and Group of Companies Progresstech took part in the inauguration. The participants of project were invited to the meeting with Askar Akaev, President of Kyrgyz Republic.
• Progresstech repair and construction departments performed the repair of airfield pavements at Myrny and Noyabrsk airports and concrete floors at cargo terminal of Domodedovo airport. During the repair the workers used BRS-45 repair material manufactured by Atlant and PROGRESSTECH-AG airdrome sealant.
• Progresstech experts executed the major repair of taxiways and construction of parking spots for Su-27 at Russian air base in Kant, Kyrgyz Republic, which the heads of Russia and Kyrgyz Republic officially opened on October 23.
• Progresstech performed the construction of parking garage floor and ramp concrete surface under the project «Parking garage at bldg. 3, Rubcovskaya Embankment, Moscow» for Social Initiative company.
• JV Kyrgyz-Progresstech completed the construction of parking spots for F-16 aircraft at American Gansi air base in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.
• Progresstech design department performed:
- Preproject developments of common aviation airport construction in Ozery, Moscow region for the authority of this region;
- Technical substantiation on emergency rehabilitation of airdrome pavements at Dushanbe airport (Tajikistan) for TOCHIKISTON state airline of Tajikistan Republic;
- Town planning substantiation of business aviation aircraft maintenance center at Vnukovo airport for Vnukovo International Airport.
• Progresstech Group of Companies experts performed the research report «Exploration of Moscow air side state and experimental aviation airdromes impact on environmental state, transport infrastructure and socio-economic development of neighboring Moscow region zones» for Transportation Ministry of Moscow region.
• Progresstech experts assessed operational condition of reinforced concrete structures of Fasko+ production plant‘s facilities.
• Progresstech experts introduced into practice of R roughness index determination for airdrome pavements high-precision electronical microlevel «Dipstick-2000» certified by Rostest-Moskva and entered in Public register of measurement instrumentation. Using this device Progresstech experts determined R roughness index at Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Domodedovo, Noyabrsk, and Chkalovsky airports.
• Progresstech received the certificates of quality management system to comply with requirements of MS ISO 9001-2000, GOST R ISO 9001-2001, GOST RV 15.002-2000
• Vladimir A. Kulchitsky, President of Progresstech Group of Companies was conferred the rank of Honoured worker of Russian Federation transportation industry by Presidential decree # 1286 dated 3 November, 2003.
• By order of First deputy minister of Transportation of Russian Federation # 10/l of January 20, 2003 fifteen Progresstech Group of Companies experts were awarded «Excellent worker of air transport» breastplate and twelve experts were given the diploma for long-term fruitful work, a great contribution to development and improvement of production activity as well as in connection with 80th anniversary of civil aviation’s foundation.
• Airports. Progressive technologies magazine celebrated 5th anniversary from the date of its foundation. For these years the magazine published about 180 research articles dedicated to application and introduction of new technologies in airport construction, use of modern equipment and construction materials upon repair and reconstruction considerably expanded its readership.
• Progresstech Group of Companies founded joint venture Progresstech-Asia (Dushanbe, Tajikistan) to perform construction-and-mounting projects to be realized in countries of Central Asia region.
• In august MOBI Telecom company that is a part of Progresstech Group of Companies started its activity. Among first services offered by company there are traffic transit, intercity and international communication services for entities, and emission of M-Transit telephone cards.
• As primary designees of Continental Airlines (USA) Progresstech experts took part in IATA meeting on issues of Russian air space utilization that was held in Brussels, Belgium.
• Experts of Progresstech Group of Companies’ Research Center performed the assessment of airdrome pavement operational condition and roughness at Mary and Mary-2 (Turkmenistan) for Amiri Flight airline (UAE).
• Progresstech Group of Companies experts took part in international conferences and symposium that were held in Russia and abroad:
-8th International Scientific and Technical Symposium «XXI century aviation technologies: achievements and new ideas» - ASTEC’03, Prof. Zhukovsky Central Aerodynamical Institute, Moscow region;
-Investment forum «Russia-Kyrgyz Republic», Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic;
-Conference dedicated to consideration of results taken during the study of rigid airdrome pavements response under A-380 superheavy aircraft landing gear, Toulouse, France.
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