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MP-461 ”Strazhnik” Barrelless Pistol


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MP-461 ”Strazhnik” Barrelless PistolThe FSUP ”Izhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod” offers a new effective weapon for self-defence – the barrelless twin-shot non-lethal pistol for 18x45T cartridges with a rubber traumatic element. The 18x45 mm light-and-sound and signal rounds can be also used.

Due to application of high-strength plastic, the gun features small size and weight and provides convenient pocket or ladies’ handbag carry. The upgraded ergonomics and convenient grip favour fast draw of the weapon in point shooting. Availability of several safety units delivers absolute safety in handling the weapon.

Ammunition is located in removable quick-change block to facilitate reloading.

Safety handling is provided by several safety devices.

The electronic propellant ignition system functions from standard batteries service life of which suffices for several years of operation.

In order to define serviceability of the pistol the simple and convenient check of power element is foreseen.

Aiming device includes the front and rear sights.

The enterprise is awarded with the gold medal of the International Contest ”NATIONAL SECURITY” and contest diploma for the development of the barrel-less pistol МР-461 ”Strazhnik”
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