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Naturalist, Mikko

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Naturalist, Mikko
The microscope “Naturalist” is intended for young naturalists, it can be also used by grown-ups.
The microscope allows to examine specimens in both transmitting and reflected lights.

The microscope, due to its silicate polished optics, is not inferior to laboratory microscopes in the image quality. The set includes the instruments with the help of which one can master his skills of working with micro objects.

The microscope’s advantages:

- 60x magnification
- compactness
- original design
- good resolving power of optics

The instrument is produced in colorful original package with a brief sketch of optical microscopes’ history.

The contact-type microscope ”Mikko” allows to examine objects in reflected light of the built-in source of light or external light, has a line graticule with the division value of 0.1 mm to determine sizes of the examined object. The ”Mikko” magnifies image by 30 times.

The microscope is a good present for children and adults.

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