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Level NL-20K


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The level is intended for:
- engineering and construction geodetic works,
- earthwork and surveying,
- geodetic laying-out works- plotting of rated marks on constructional structures and the earth surface,
- carrying out of construction-mounting works both indoors and outdoors- horisontal floor and ceiling levelling, plotting of base and lay-out lines.

The level set includes:
- Laser level NL-20K
- Screw bar
- Accumulator battery
- Charger
- Receptacle
- Level rod
- Tripod ShP-140

Small-sized laser level NL20K with a self-regulated sighting line refers to the class of constructional laser devices of average accuracy.
Liquid compensator provides high precision of horisontal plane levelling.
Level’s case conists of 2 parts, connected with each other through a packer, which provides tightness of the case.
Modern design, simplicity and design reliability ensure the highest degree of comfort while working with this device.
Full production of the device is planned since the beginning of 2001.

The set irradiates a red laser beam in 2 relatively perpendicular directions. One of them, while turning, forms a visible laser plane, the other projects a visible orthogonal line.

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