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Laser range finder


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Laser range finder
Laser range finder with a safe length of radation wave is intended for measuring distances up to a chosen object within the range of 100-10000 m with precision amounting to 5 m, the device can be installed in any items of ground, air and marine equipment for military and civil application.

The range finder operates in the following basic working modes:
- mode of built-in control,
- mode of single radiation pulses with recurrence frequency up to 1 Hz, continuously during 3 h,
- mode of frequency radiation by pulse trains with frequency of 5 Hz, pulse train duration of 3 s and 3 min -intervals between trains,
- mode of adjustment with formation of auxiliary impulsive laser beam simulator radiation, amounting to _=0,82 mkm in the direction of basic laser transfer.

Distance data, as well as inlet controlling signals, are transmitted through the channel of successive exchange, which characteristics conform to the standard EIA RS422.
The range finder supply is accomplished by a continuous current mains with voltage of +27 V, utilised current not exceeding 5 A.

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