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Ural Optical Mechanical Plant


Level 4N-2KL


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The device is ideally suitable for application in:
- construction ,
- investigations,
- irrigation and land reclamation,
- mining,
- 3- and 4-class levelling

The level can be completed with:
- an optical micrometer to increase the accuracy of rod reading,
- a prism adapter for pegging vertical lines,
- a lens adapter for sighting onto a closely-situated rod.

30-multiple correct image telescope
1,5 mm error per 1 km of double line

The exact level with a self-regulated sighting line, the device has a wide full-scale range and is convenient in use.

The level is packed into a convenient shockproof case, having lodgments made of foamed polyethylene, which safely preserve the device from possible damage, that can be caused during transportation.
Disclosuring colour of the level and its case ensure safety of the device while carrying out its application at building sites, in places of heavy street traffic, in woodlands, etc.

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