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Theodolite 4T30P


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Theodolite  4T30P
The theodolites are intended for measuring of horizontal and vertical angles and distances with the help of a crosshair range finder, levelling by means of the telescope level, determination of magnetic azimuth against the compass.

Advantageous features of theodolites:

- readout is made with the help of the scale microscope,
- detachable support with the built-in optical centering device permitting to work in a three-tripod way,
- erect image telescope,
- serviceability of the instruments under any climatic conditions,
- light mass.

Due to small size and light weight, ease in operation, rapidity of dial reading, the theodolites are widely used in construction, agriculture, engineering explorations and surveys, particularly, in expedition conditions.

The instruments may be completed with geodetic tripod of ShR-140 type, built-in optical centering device and lantern to illuminate the microscope scale.

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