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SPLAV State Research and Production Association, Federal State Unitary Enterp

SPLAV State Research and Production Association, Federal  State  Unitary  Enterp
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Multiple rocket launcher systems for the navy


122mm GRAD multiple rocket launcher system


The 40-tube BM-21PR Launch vehicle (LV) is a modification of the GRAD BM-21 LV, It ensures single shot, partial and full salvo f...

122 mm PRS-60

Unguided rocket projectile (RP) is fitted with a HE warhead and a mechanical-time point fuze featuring a protective type ignitio...


The ever increasing threat posed by the frogmen when surface and underwater ships are based in the sea ports, bays, etc., makes...

MS-227 (MS-227 P)

Rocket launcher ensures salvo and a single-shot fire as well as the RPs storage in launching tubes, To meet the reguirements of...


To speak from the experience of the assault ships combat а employment, fire support of the landing ореrations contributes great...

140 MM fragmentation rocket projectile

140 mm unguided rocket projectile is fitted with a fragmentation warhead and ensures engagement of the enemy personnel and soft-...

140 MM incendiary rocket projectile

140 mm incendiary unguided rocket projectile is fitted with an incen-diary warhead and ensures evolving of islands of fire.

111 UPM

Automated modular-type conveyor feeding devise is infended for automatic rocket laucher tubes loading (unloading) rockets storag...


Rocket launcher ensures aiming and a single-shot and salvo...

300 mm diverting rocket projectile

A diverting Rocket Projectile (RP) is designed for the hydroacoustic decoying ensuring diverting of the ship attacking torpedo e...

60 UP

Feeding devise is infended for storage of the rockets in the lower compartment, their transportation to the hoist, lifting and l...


RBU-6000 Depth-Charge Rocket Launcher ensures salvo and a single-shot firing of the 90R antisubmarine rockets and RGB-60 depth r...


To reliably protect the surface ships against the torpedoes in the near zоnе, for the first time in the world practice the UDAV-...


90R rocket is intended for the homing underwater gravitational projectile delivery to the submarine location point. It can also...


The RPK-8 antisubmarine MRLS is used for the antisubmarine protection of the surface ships in the near zone as well as for destr...

The State Unitary Enterprise ” SPLAV SRPA” being the leading and producer of the Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems for the Army and the Navy both in Russia and the CIS countries, presents the latest developments in modernization of the GRAD (BM-21) and SMERCH MRLSs ensuring extended range of fire, expansion of the variety of the targets destroyed, full automation of the fire preparation and delivery procedures, and also rocket launcher systems ensuring protection of surface ships against submarines, torpedoes and saboteurs. Civil production: gas bottles, fire-extinguishers, water and gas consumption meters, flexible printed cables for electric and radio equipment, electric motors, medical equipment, agricultural products processing equipment.

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