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А-22 ”OGON” shipborne flame throving - incendiary rocket launcher system

Multiple rocket launcher systems for the navy

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А-22 OGONTo speak from the experience of the assault ships combat а employment, fire support of the landing ореrations contributes greatly to the assault forces successive 1anding and coastal warfare. Ranked high amond the assault boats armament are the MRLSs which are capable of a highly responsive fire in order to unexpectebly crack down on the attacked territori hundreds of kilograms of ommunition.
To eguip the assault boats (including cushioncraft) the OGON` flame throving – incendiary MRLS was developed which ensures destruction of the coastral area targets at the ranges of 4.5 km.
Avialability in the system of the fragmentation and incendiary rocket projectiles makes it possible to fire for fragmentation- incendiary effect.
The OGON` system is used for equipping of river and assault boats including cushioncraft. The system ensures:
- destruction of the enemy coastal area targets, materiel and personnel in the coastal strip, surface targets (craft and boats),
of the system layout on the ship
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