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Kronshtadt – Technologies of the Future
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Komrakov Evgeny

General Director

The main directions of “R.E.T. Kronshtadt” Co. Ltd activity are design and manufacture of on-board navigational equipment, special managing systems, simulating complexes and another technical media, program-mathematical support and special data bases.

“R.E.T. Kronshtadt” has been designing the modern computer-indicating navigational media (product “CABRIS” and its modifications) for new aircraft equipping and the modernization of the existing ones.

The company has worked out the technology allowing creation and unification of various simulating technique of all military services and allowing creation of the synthetic war scenario using interface HLAI (High Level Architecture Interface). On the base of this technology the following simulators have been already designed or have been nearly designed:
- Simulator on maneuvering and vectoring a surface ship using visual systems;
- Simulators of Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-26, Ka-52K, Ka-31 helicopters;
- GMDSS simulators for the combat communication warheads;
- Navigational-tactical simulator for the Federal Boarder Service of Russia.

Simulators can be united into the simulator complexes for group actions exercising. Here there is a possibility to exercise interaction with various aircraft and another active objects (ships, tanks, AAD systems) by including into the simulating complexes simulators corresponding these systems.

Together with the indicated directions “R.E.T. Kronshtadt” takes part in the creation of the draft of Federal special-purpose program “Electronic Russia” for the period of 2002-2010. This work has been done in conformity with the Russian Government mission No.ИК-П7-33781 dated December 27, 2000 and No.207-p dated February 12, 2001. Kronshtadt works out one part of the Federal special-purpose program devoted to the creation of the information-analytical center of Russian Federation and regional centers.

“R.E.T. Kronshtadt” has been designing the complex of geopolitical processes and ethnic-political conflicts modeling jointly with the Military Sciences Academy. This complex has the following tasks:
- Geopolitical processes modeling identifying national interests of a separate state as a modern geopolitics subject;
- Designing models on prevention and decision of ethnic-political conflicts;
- Designing supporting systems for making decisions in defense and national security.

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