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FGUP Omsk Production Association ”IRTYSH”

Don’t allow that production will become less increase, make bigger output, produce high qualified products, that corresponds to demands of market. Make efficient manufacture reorganization according to market.
FGUP Omsk Production Association ”IRTYSH”
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Full Company's name: Federal Governmental Unitary Enterprise Omsk Production Association ”IRTYSH”
Brief name: FGUP Omsk Production Association ”IRTYSH”
Country: Russian Federation
Chief executive: Berezovski Vladimir Aleksandrovich, General director
Contact information: (3812) 44-87-05, 44-87-02, 41-72-67, [email protected],
Main office address: 644060, Russian Federation, Omsk, 18,Gurtyeva,st

Main lines of business

- Automated homing aerodrome radio stations PAR-10 of different modifications, designed to produce for inner and outer homing and landing of air-craft.
- VHF and UHF automatic television radio stations with power from 1W to 5kW, designed for high qualified television broadcasting.
- Professional all-wave radio-receivers and exciters of groun, sea and air based; FM mobile and portable radio stations for navy, oil industry workers, geologists and other ground services.
- Tank diagnostic device set for tank allows to define failures in launching systems and power supply, in charging mechanism and in tank arming control set T-80Б, N-80Y, T-72, T-90, in faulty unit, cable unit.
- Devices for oil indusry.
- Gas heating equipment.
- Equipment for food industry.
- Consumer goods.

List of main products

1. Automatic homing radio station PAR-10S
2. Compact homing radio stations PAR-10MA
3. Compact homing radio stations PAR-10MA, PAR-10MS
4. Radio stations PAR-10S. Van body modification
5. Aerodrome homing radio station PAR-10 AM
6. Telecommand and teleindication equipment (TC-TI) ”Distansya-II”
7. I-III band television transmitter of 1 kW outpower
8. UHF television transmitter TOH 1/0,1
9. Television transmitter ”SHUM-1”
10. Measuring demodulator
11. Radio signals shapers ФР 1-3, Р 4-5 (TV transmitter; 1 W output power)
12. VHF, UHF wide-band power amplifiers (УМШ) 1/10
13. VHF, UHF wide-band power amplifiers (УМШ) 1/25
14. VHF, UHF wide-band power amplifiers (УМШ) 1/50
15. VHF, UHF wide-band power amplifiers (УМШ) 1/100
16. VHF, UHF wide-band power amplifiers (УМШ) 1/200
17. VHF, UHF wide-band power amplifiers (УМШ) 1/500
18. FM, SW, MW bands radio-receiving device ”Skarlyar”
19. Radio-receiving device ”Olkhon-Gelios-215”
20. Radio-receiving device ”OLKHON-GELIOS-M”
21. Radio-receiving device ”Serdolic B”
22. Radio-receiving device ”Sedolic ПВ”
23. IV generation device ”ARTECK-SIRIUS”
24. ”Rodon”
25. FM radio station ”Biriuza”
26. Portable radio station ”Okhta”
27. Diagnostic device set 72Б
28. Diagnostic device set 80Б
29. Diagnostic device set 90
30. Diagnostic device set 72MI
31. Control and protection unit of electric pumps of oil-wells from damage
32. Check device of insulation

List of other products

1.Oven with rotating trolley ПВТ-1Г
2.Oven with rotating trolley ПВТ-1Д
3. Oven ПВТ-1ДГ with gas burner.
4.Baking oven with proofer ПРШ-1.
5.Proofer ШР-3.
6.Flour-sifting machine.
7.Equipment for shaped heavy dough products.
8.Unit for making battered sausages УЗС-1,25/220.
9.Gas-fired heating boiler КОВГ-16-1
10.Universal heating and water-heating boiler КОВУ-16-1
11.Catalytic gas-fired circuit apparatus ( power - 12kW, heated area - 3000 m2)
12.Heating mobile system.
13.Electric water heater ЭВАД-20, 30, 50/1,6
14.Electric running water heater ЭВНП 1,65-3,2/220 and 5,0 /220
15.Electric water heater ЭВБО 5/1,6
16.Electric convector ”QUARTS” ЭВУТС 1,0/220
17.Electric convector ”QUARTS” ЭВHТ 0,65/220
18.Loud speaker ”Quarts- 301”
19.FM radio receiver ”BLJUZ” РП-201
20.TV-set ”QUARTZ-40ТБ-401”
21.Compact incubator ”QUARTS” for 90 eggs
22.Peasant incubator for 240 eggs
23.Farming incubator for 500 eggs
24.Tubular electric heating element (TAN)
25.Engineering set.
26.Rolling-up semi-automatic machine ПЗ-1
27 .Plastic seat

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