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FGUP Omsk Production Association ”IRTYSH”

Don’t allow that production will become less increase, make bigger output, produce high qualified products, that corresponds to demands of market. Make efficient manufacture reorganization according to market.

Compact homing radio stations PAR-10 AМ

Automated homing aerodrome radio stations

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Compact homing radio stations-10  AM It is designed for homing of aircraft, equipped with automatic direction finders, executing let-down procedures and maintaining runway alignment. The radio station equipment is placed in K-66Д van-body, mounted оп the GAS-3308 truck chassis having a good cross-country ability, mass and dimensions suitable for transportation by a plane or a helicopter. The radio station is fed from the three-phase AC mains of 380 V+ 10 % with frequency 50 Hz+ 2 and from the reserve electric station ЭД-8-Т/400-1ВПМ1, mounted оп the trailer. The transmitters operate into the T-shaped 20-m antenna and 5-m antenna. Remote control of the radio station is provided via the 2-wire line or the radio line over a distance of up to 10 km. The communication is provided when travelling in a column.
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