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Don’t allow that production will become less increase, make bigger output, produce high qualified products, that corresponds to demands of market. Make efficient manufacture reorganization according to market.

Compact homing radio stations-10S

Automated homing aerodrome radio stations

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Compact homing radio stations-10S

for civil and military purposes

1) it is placed in stationary buildings;
2) module modification (in 2 van bodies).

It is designed for homing of aircraft, equipped with automatic direction finders, executing let-down procedures and maintaining runway alignment. It is a modification of the stationary radio station PAR-10 S, located inside the buildings оп the aerodromes and consists of two modules: the apparatus module in the K6.131 van body and the power supply module in the К662НД van body. The radio station apparatus is placed in the apparatus module. Two diesel power sets of 8 kW are placed in the power supply module.

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Berezovski Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Arshinin Andrey Mihaylovich
Tkachenko Leonid Aleksandrovich
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