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Mönch Publishing Group

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Mönch Publishing Group
  The Mönch Group publishes and distributes internationally the following defence periodicals:


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Military Technology
  Founded in 1977, the concept of this tri-service magazine is characterised by a mix of articles on political issues, defence tec...
Rivista Italiana Difesa
  Started in September, 1982 with an initial circulation of 23, 058 copies and is published monthly.

After 22 year...
Savunma Ve Havacilik
  was created in 1987 to provide a forum of technical information for the fast-developing and expanding defence and defence indus...
Technologia Militar
  The world’s leading international defence journal in Spanish.

The requirements of the armed forces of the almost ...
  Wehrtechnik is published quarterly in German. It is distributed among the Army, Navy and Air Force Offices, Universities of the...
Al Defaya
  Al Defaya is from a joint venture between the leading Pan-Arabic business publication, ”AL - IKTISSAD WAL - AAMAL” and the M...
Naval Forces
  The concept of the magazine is characterised by a mix of articles on strategic and political issues, industrial and economic asp...
NATO’s Nations and Partners For Peace
  NATO’S NATIONS & PARTNERS FOR PEACE is the current incarnation of a journal founded in 1955, which has established an unrivalled...

Light Tower
Mobile emergency illumination device « Light tower»
Development radar-tracking, the diagnostic medical equipment
SPLAV State Research and Production Association, Federal State Unitary Enterp
RPK-8, 90R, 60 UP, RBU-6000
Kazan Helicopters
Helicopter ANSAT, AKTAI Helicopter, Mi-17 Modernised helicopter, Mi-17 SAR Helicopter
Mönch Publishing Group
Military Technology, Naval Forces, NATO’s Nations and Partners For Peace, Rivista Italiana Difesa
Izhevsky mekhanichesky zavod
MP-461 ”Strazhnik” Barrelless Pistol, Gas pistol IZH-79-9T ”Makarych”, RS-31 Signal Revolver
”Kirasa” Close Joint-Stock Company is an authorized developer and manufacturer of Body Armor, helmets, uniform, devices and spec...
Egorshinsky radio plant, JSC
Egorshinsky radio plant lets out various production of military and civil purpose. Egorshinsky radio plant carries out deliverie...
Mi-35M, Mi-24V / Mi-35 helicopters, Mi-24PN / Mi-35PN, Mi-24P / Mi-35P helicopters
The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Research-and-Production Enterprise "Basalt", is one of the recognized world leaders ...

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