Application-Contract № 16462/1

Date 13 Febr. 2006y.

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All obligations on creation and display of an exposition of the company (exhibition) the developer of complex MVDV takes up, Open Company "SovInTeh" called in further the Executor, on behalf of General director Lapin Y.A., the Charter acting the basis.
General director PLC "SovInTeh"
________________/Lapin Y.A../ stamp.

Company name Mönch Publishing Group  
Phone: ()+49-228-6483-0 Fax: +49-228-6483-109 E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected] http://:
The quantity represented production, services, persons, the information on them and quantity of editions of the presented descriptions is not limited. The executor on the basis of an available information on the company prepares optimum for display on the Internet for an exposition to which on demand of the company changes up to the coordination the parties of the final version of an exposition are made. Cost of display of pages of an exposition does not exceed 5 eurocents for one viewing. Cost is established on the basis of average quantity of displays of pages of an exposition in a month, reached for the previous period.

Choose one of three admissible terms of display of an exposition and a way of editing of an exposition:
-3 month -6 month -12 month
The price for one month for the established ranges of viewings in a month Term of viewing
50 Euro - For new expositions
20 Euro - менее 500 viewings (457)
25 Euro - более 2001 viewings
It is edited by Executor It is edited by the company independently
Total, no VAT include____________________
The right independently to edit the created exposition is given to the company. Specify e-mail: ____________________ on which the notice on reception of access to editing an exposition will be sent.
Check up correctness of the specified requisites of the company, the electronic address for a direction of the password, the chosen term of display of an exposition and a way of editing. One requisite for communication with the company should be specified even. It is recommended to specify an e-mail address which is on a regular basis looked through by employees of the company as on this electronic address the inquiries acting from visitors of an exposition will automatically go.
The prices are specified without taking into account the VAT. Payment is carried out in roubles at the rate of the Central Bank at date of exhibiting the account. The account can be paid within 10 working days from the date of exhibiting. Display of an exposition is made in two languages: Russian and English. Display of an exposition in other language and translation of texts of an exposition into English and other languages is paid separately. The discount is stipulated 10 % at prolongation without interruption and under condition of payment of the previous account within 5 days.
Services by the ordered variants it is guaranteed appear from the date of 100 % of payment. The information for accommodation on a site is delivered by e-mail to the address: [email protected] It is supposed by mail or by fax. All other not certain treaty provisions are adjusted by customs of a business turn and the current legislation.
Copy of application form you can send by fax: (095) 742-35-77, 777-63-26. All original documents has been send by post: 140186, Moscow region, Russia, Zhukovsky - 6, P.O.Box 498 for "SovInTeh".

Sign of director: ______________________   stamp.

PLC "SovInTech" Post address: 140186 Moscow area, Zhukovsky -6, P.O.Box 498 for PLC "SovInTech" Phone./Fax: (095) 742-35-77, 777-63-26, 556-45-03. E-mail: [email protected] PLCО "SovInTech", 2004
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